04/20/2022 – At approximately 2:10 PM today, members of the FBI’s Westchester Safe Streets Task Force, a multi-agency task force including members of the Yonkers Police Department, were conducting a law enforcement investigation in the area of Elm Street and Linden Street related to illegal firearms. Task force members attempted to stop several individuals who entered the bodega deli at 115 Elm Street. A Yonkers Police Detective assigned to the task force attempted to detain one of the suspects inside the store when that suspect fired a concealed handgun at the Detective, striking him in the abdomen; a Federal Agent returned fired, striking the suspect. Both Detective and suspect were removed to local area hospitals. The Detective underwent emergency surgery for life-threatening internal injuries; he is currently listed in serious but stable condition. The 28-year-old suspect was declared deceased at the hospital. Two illegal firearms were recovered at scene. Surveillance video captured the shooting event. The area is presently cordoned-off pending a joint Yonkers Police / FBI investigation. Additional information may be released as it becomes available.


The identity of the Detective and suspect are being withheld at this time. The Detective is a 27-year decorated veteran of the Department.

The video of this Press Conference can be watched here: https://fb.watch/cw-5aKNcFP/