Orangeburg, NY Assemblyman Mike Lawler (R,C,I,SAM – Pearl River) was joined by Orangetown Highway Superintendent Jim Dean to introduce the Blown Tire Tax Credit.

“With inflation and increasing costs across Rockland County, today I’m introducing the Blown Tire Tax Credit to help alleviate some of the burden being shouldered by my constituents. With over 65% of the miles on the NYS Thruway rated fair, poor, or very poor according to the Thruway Authority’s “Lane Distress Index”, a measurement used to analyze road degradation in lanes on the Thruway, it’s clear that our residents need some form of tax credit back for the lack of quality road conditions they deserve.”

“The Blown Tire Tax Credit (A.9578) will allow New York State residents to claim up to $1,000 annually as a personal income tax credit for blown tires they suffer on state and local roads. It is my hope that this bill will not only alleviate some of the costs of driving around our state, but also encourage the DOT to address potholes as they see them and act more like our fantastic Orangetown Highway Department does,” concluded Lawler.

“I’m thankful that Assemblyman Lawler is working to lower the tax burden on our hard-working constituents,” said Dean. “It’s not fair that they should pay for the lack of maintenance on state roads, and I’m hopeful this tax credit will motivate the DOT to address road degradation and damage in a more expedient manner.”